Zaffar Naik

Speakers Profile

Zaffar has over 2 decades of work experience in Business Transformation as a solution architect and strategist. He has a decade long experience in technology roll-out and change implementation for fortune 500.  This also includes a decade long experience in consulting mid-sized tech-enabled companies in smaller economies.

As the founder of ‘First Avocado,’ a performance development consulting firm, Zaffar is passionate about helping tech and tech-led companies strengthen their capacity for growth and innovation via result driven consulting, power workshops and innovative digital learning solutions.

Zaffar has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Delhi University. He draws inspiration from his passion for trekking in the lofty mountains and is working on completing his book on leadership and the mountains.

In recent years, Zaffar has been working closely with leading Nepalese companies, from improving their operational performance to fundamentally changing their business models through business process re-engineering. He has also provided early mentorship to two leading Nepalese startups.