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To Fail [Better], is Divine.

Why failing fast isn’t enough, and what the discerning Scrum practitioner can do about it.

Navigating failure – not just one of the essential themes of the human condition, but also often the single skill that separates enterprises that stand the many tests of time and disruptive competition, from those that crumble in a fashion spectacular enough to make news headlines. In grappling with the problem, management theory has (unsurprisingly) shifted from traditionalist risk management techniques to now improving our inherently (not to mention, biologically encoded) negative relationship with the concept of failure. This has, to a large degree, been achieved by repackaging it as the richest form of feedback available to inform the decision to persevere in or pivot strategy. In fact, Scrum has been at the very forefront of this idealogy, inspiring enterprises to completely rethink their response to tackling failed initiatives. 

Recently, much has been said about the undeniable merits of failing fast and the necessity of incubating a culture that promotes innovation by allowing for and being more accepting of failure. But as an organizational coach and habitual tinkerer, I have found that the Fail Fast! movement has left the world somewhat shortchanged. This talk explores the key symptoms of a slapdash approach to risk management, and posits an entirely new perspective in using failure as fuel to power innovative thinking.

Speakers Profile

Sherry Wasandi

Speakers Profile

An enthusiastic agile practitioner (not preacher). Believes in preserving objectivity and critical thinking in the project management community. Encourages organisations to simplify Agile and Scrum adoption to remain true to core values. Values creativity and courage in the practice of software craftsmanship above all else. Enjoys constructive debates to a genuine fault.

As an avid Scrum practitioner for the last 8 years, I have led 17 large-scale Agile Transformations in enterprises across the globe – in domains as diverse as BFSI, Energy and Renewables, and Marketing Automation startups. At present, I am part of the worlds’ largest government services digitisation programme in history, in the Middle East.

Having coached nearly 800 professionals from diverse backgrounds in Scrum values, principles, and practices – I have worked hard to cultivate an inclusive perspective towards organisation coaching and optimising incremental software delivery cycles in conditions demanding high-quality standards.

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