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Nurture Organizations Through Servant Leadership

Scrum teams have evolved and adopted the mindset of servant leadership. But how about the management?! How to elevate the consciousness of the system to take the organization to the next level?

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

Learning Objectives

Identify the value of Servant Leadership over Command and Control behaviors.Importance of psychological safety and it’s impact on performance and relationships.Ways to elevate Consciousness of leadership and in turn the organization as a whole

Speakers Profile

Rohit Arora

Speakers Profile

Rohit Arora is an highly experienced Agile-Lean Coach and Trainer with a background in Software Development. He has guided many large organisations through Agile transformations by engaging at the team and leadership levels. He has also conducts hands-on training and coaching on adopting Agile/Scrum or Lean/Kanban process frameworks, with XP practices and DevOps core tenets related to people, process & tools.

He is an active volunteer in the Agile and Scrum communities at international conferences like Scrum Gatherings, Agile Singapore, etc… and the co-founder for Agile Tour Singapore conference and organizer for ATSG15. He has also co-hosted the first ever Scrum Coaching Retreat in Singapore in 2016. Other contributions include Session reviewing for various Agile Conferences . He is also a big supporter of Agile community in Singapore and is the co-organizer/co-facilitator for following community meetups.

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Speaker at various Agile conferences (and meetups) across Asia like

  • BEACON 2017 (Business Agility Conference)
  • Agile Indonesia 2017
  • Agile Vietnam 2017
  • Agile Asia Forum Nepal 2016
  • Agile Tour Singapore 2015
  • Regional Scrum Gathering Vietnam 2015, and many more.

Giving Back to the Community

We believe that we have lot to learn and it is only possible when we have strong community of Agile practitioners. As a part of giving back to the community, we have following programs.
We conduct regular meetups and workshop from Agile Practitioners to companies, colleges and community.
Scrum Certification Program
We have conducted many Scrum Certification Program in Nepal which has largely benefited in expanding agile learning in Nepal. We regularly conduct Scrum Certfication programs.
We provide trainings on Agile and Scrum practices for the one who want to expand their understanding in Agile.
Agile Mentorship/Coaching
We conduct mentoring and consulting programs for the organisation that are willing to transform fully to Agile organisation. Our team will also be involved in few daily standups, scrum planning and other important scrum ceremonies.

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