Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan

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Ramanathan as a renowned Agile Coach, helps organizations and its teams realize its true potential,helps teams self-organize towards a common goal of delivering services/products that adds value to customers. I enjoy the journey of Agile outside IT too. I always believe learning is beyond any certification and has no end. Experienced in running freelance agile workshops on Scrum, XP, Kanban, Scaled Agile frameworks and in XP practices. I am active in the Agile communities in India, Business Agility Leader for Chennai. Been a speaker at various prestigious conferences, Volunteered time for organizing conferences, Been a reviewer for Global & Regional Scrum Gatherings, Been a reviewer for a book, World Agility Forum Jury Member 2020,2021 Harvard ManageMentor® | ICP-ACC| ICP-CAT| ICP-ENT| ICP-TST | ICP-LEA | KSD| KMP | CSP-SM ™ |  CSP-PO ™ | CSM® | CSPO® | PSM I™ |   PSM  II™ | PSK I ™| PSU I ™ | PAL I™ | PSPO I™| PSPO II™ | SPS™ | CDA | SAFe® Agilist | CS@SP | CLB | M 3.0 Attendee |
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7 Types of Agile Coaches needed in an organisation

There are different types of agile coaches based on their characteristics, based on the LinkedIn post by Els verkaik and the research followed by reading the LinkedIn post, on my talk i will be narrating the 7 types of agile coaches needed in an organisation, where we would also quickly reflect on which type/s we fall into as agile coaches.