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If Culture really ate strategy for Breakfast - Whats for Dinner ?

Do you want to have a rich and robust culture ? Do you want team members to embrace and share the purpose and values ? Do you want to understand the world’s best and worst organization cultures ? If yes then global culture research and pragmatic approaches to the future of culture / work are here !

Do you want to have a rich and robust culture ?
Do you want team members to embrace and share purpose and values ?
Do you want to understand the world’s best and worst organization cultures ? 
Do you want to have a measure of your organization’s culture ?
Do you want to understand the future of work ? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then global culture research, future trends and pragmatic approaches to developing culture are here !

In this keynote will you will understand how a rich and robust culture is a cornerstone of successful organizations. You will be provided a truly a global perspective on the impact of culture through the global Interviews with multiple companies spanning over 25 countries. You will learn about organizations that have succeeded (and failed) to create great cultures. You will understand the global trends for the future of work and the future of culture in the organization 
This keynote drills down to sharing the learning of those experiences to help organizations develop their culture of excellence.  Participants will be inspired to drive their organizations to even greater and richer cultures with shared purpose and values to bind the team members.
At the end of this keynote participants will be able to:
Understand rich and robust cultures and toxic and destructive cultures. 
Develop ideas for framing, developing and refining organizational purpose and values that sit on a high level and provide an identity for all team members 
Understand the tools available for the measurement of culture and other non financial KPI’s and understand the four key behaviors and how more effective communication between them enhances culture. 
Appreciate the future of work and its implications for the organization.

The material is relevant at all organizational levels. Team members throughout the organization need to be able to “buy in” to the development of a rich and robust culture and a culture of business excellence.

Speakers Profile

Rael Bricker

Speakers Profile

With over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, Rael Bricker has seen, and experienced, the roller coaster that is business. In his years in the business game, Rael has worked 6000 ft underground, been involved in marketing of leading edge software, built an education business from the ground up that grew to include 6 campuses and 4000 students, as well as many years in venture capital and his current financial services offering which has more than $2.8Bn in settled loans. Rael has been involved in listed companies on two international stock exchanges.
Rael has been presenting for many years on a variety of topics related to business, leadership, culture, finance, property and investing. These are an accumulation of experiences where the common thread is that they weave a unique perspective on business and business development. Each presentation is tailored to the audience as the only way to generate buy in from teams is through relevance and interest. His focus is on taking businesses and making them larger and more successful by enabling the managers and leaders to look at their challenges through different lenses and wearing different hats.

Rael Bricker recently publish a book entitled ” Dive In – lessons learnt since business school” and is currently writing his second book ” The Organization of Culture”

Rael Bricker holds two Masters degrees, an MBA and MSc (Engineering) and is currently a Fellow of the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia) and a Professional Member of PSA (Professional Speakers Australia)

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