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Engineering Practices to Scale

An Effective Engineering team is shaped by the way they approach any work they do. It is these practices that can set them up for success or push them back with setbacks. I will be sharing some of the Engineering Practices that has helped our team to scale and aspire to be the better Engineering team, everytime.

Speakers Profile

Madhuri Shrestha

Speakers Profile

In the myriad of choices for career, Madhuri stumbled upon her passion for coding during college. With the professional experience of almost 5 years as a developer, she has been fortunate enough to garner ample experiences and develop an affinity to adapt and evolve with business needs. Cheerful, sweet and emphatic, she enjoys nature, people and peace. And of course, books!

Giving Back to the Community

We believe that we have lot to learn and it is only possible when we have strong community of Agile practitioners. As a part of giving back to the community, we have following programs.
We conduct regular meetups and workshop from Agile Practitioners to companies, colleges and community.
Scrum Certification Program
We have conducted many Scrum Certification Program in Nepal which has largely benefited in expanding agile learning in Nepal. We regularly conduct Scrum Certfication programs.
We provide trainings on Agile and Scrum practices for the one who want to expand their understanding in Agile.
Agile Mentorship/Coaching
We conduct mentoring and consulting programs for the organisation that are willing to transform fully to Agile organisation. Our team will also be involved in few daily standups, scrum planning and other important scrum ceremonies.

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