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How I raised myself from Project Manager to Scrum Master

A story of my 9 year  Journey when asked to become a Scrum Master however the way i think,acted,reacted  & dealt with situations was not appropriate to ScrumValues until I decided that I HAD TO LET IT GO which really started from reading this book called ‘How I raised myself from failure to success”

The Topic name is influenced by the book  ‘How I raised myself from failure to success’ by Frank Bettger. 

This Topic is a story of my Own Journey of about 9 years back when first time I was asked to become a Scrum Master however the way i use to think, did things, acted, reacted  & dealt with situations, worked with people, had authoritative actions, knew it all mindset was coming on my way to truly imbibe scrum framework/Values & Agile philosophy until I decided that quite a lot of my mindset issues I HAD TO LET IT GO…. and in this Journey of ‘LET IT GO’ really started from reading this book called ‘How I raised myself from failure to success in Selling’ from the cover the title felt like some selling skills book however when i started reading it gave a big perspective of how we ourselves block own way to success.

The teachings of this book (some other books also) helped me overcome all the situations and created a learning Progression and kept me on track :
 a. When you try too hard and become overanxious, you look bad. You are bad. Yes, keep going, but don’t be afraid to lose today. Today is not going to make or break you.
b. There is an art in silence, and there is an eloquence in it too.
c. Force yourself to act enthusiastic, and you’ll become enthusiastic!
d. When you show a man what he wants, he’ll move heaven and earth to get it.
e. Do you believe in yourself and the things you want to do? Are you prepared for many setbacks and failures?
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Gaurav Rastogi

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An Enterprise Agile Coach & IT professional for 17+ years and have worked with clients in Transportation, Retail & e-Commerce, Investment Banking across United States, UK and Asia India and helped large enterprise teams transform into Agile mindset, create Innovative culture & feel empowered.

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