Bishal Vaidya

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Bishal Vaidya hails from Kathmandu, Nepal and is passionate about music, sports, and travel, which add life to his soul. With over 9 years of experience in the software development industry, Bishal has worked across a range of domains including Healthcare, Fintech, Edutech, E-commerce, CRMs, and mobile apps. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in building and implementing development processes, delivering successful projects, interacting with clients, and driving customer success, product growth, and business development. Bishal is eager to share his experiences and knowledge with the tech community and is excited to participate in this platform and engage with other tech enthusiasts.

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Challenges in Introducing Agile to an Un-Agile Place 

Following agile by the book and experiencing it differently in real life is one of the most common things that we get to hear from most of the people in this industry, be they a beginner or a professional. We all know what agile, scrum and all these methodologies are, and how all these work and need to be adapted. But definitely, it’s not that as easy as we think. Different changes and challenges are faced when we bring these practices into our daily operations. The un-agile mindset that people have, is something that is most difficult to change although the knowledge of agile is transferred. Being able to accept frequent changes, synchronous communication, align a mutual vision, and move ahead with iterative iterations are well explained in books but really challenging to practice daily. People definitely face a lot of problems when setting this mindset and working according to it.

It’s nowhere written that following agile concepts and being agile helps to grow your business and make everything profitable. But it surely helps you to optimize your processes, increase your productivity and make it more efficient. When someone is already following a process, it is very difficult to drop that process completely and introduce a new one.

Out of many case studies and examples, startups are one of the most challenging places one could ever join and conquer it. From projects to processes, resources to planning, and deadlines to their deliveries, all are complex if a proper process is not followed. This is one of the reasons why some startups either don’t succeed or last long. The team members are dynamic and everyone has their own perceptions and opinions. Some are flexible, but some are reserved and rigid toward what it was initially planned and decided. Not being able to deliver what customer wants and satisfy them, not being able to deliver frequently, plan small and deliver the minimum viable product, adapt to frequent changes, etc are the major challenges and can be handled via introducing a proper process and implementing it.

So instead of attempting all at once, bits by bits, bringing the changes into daily practice and being able to change the mindset from un-agile to agile is the only way out to handle this situation. Proposing a uniform process that has an agile mindset among the team members and implementing it into regular practice help to diversify the unagile minds and leads to an agile mindset.