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Enterprise Agility is not a strategy, is it a reality?

Enterprises are on a never-ending journey of transformations. Modern enterprises recognize and embed agility as an essential element of their operating model. The outcomes of future require a new thinking and new ways of working – not just for team but at an enterprise level. 

Practices that works at team level, often need to be crafted differently for scaling to an enterprise level. The complexities around cross-functional capabilities, culture, funding models, prioritization and interaction across different groups require an structured approach that goes beyond agile values and principles. All pillars of enterprise transformation need to be reimagined to support the enterprise vision and mission.

Enterprise Agility Core:

At the heart of any enterprise lies people and teams are the core of the enterprise engine. How we structure people in cross-functional, high performing, persistent teams determines our ability to deliver outcomes in a fast paced, predictable and repeatable manner. Joining the dots from enterprises initiatives to portfolio to teams is one of the key aspects of scaling agility across enterprise i.e. you need to embed agility at every level of enterprise (i.e. team level, portfolio level and enterprise level).

Speakers Profile

Amol Pradhan

Speakers Profile

Amol Pradhan

• Global Capability and Enterprise Agility Leader, Agile CoC, IBM Studios, Singapore
• 20 years in IT Industry – Technology leadership and 14+ years leading agile delivery and transformations.
• Previously Barclays Bank’s Head of Agile Transformation APAC Group to define and drive Agile and Lean culture change strategy (30,000 people).
• C-level leadership coaching and training Coached and trained over 1500 Agile Practitioners across various banks worldwide over the last decade.
• Delivered Strategic Leadership of Barclays Enterprise Agile Transformation (BEAT) roadmap with 40+ global coaches.
• Chaired Barclays Agile Community of Practice (3000+ people across 12 countries).
• Designed and led agile transformation programmes across various industries Aerospace, Agile HR, Sourcing, Infrastructure, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, and Telecom.

Giving Back to the Community

We believe that we have lot to learn and it is only possible when we have strong community of Agile practitioners. As a part of giving back to the community, we have following programs.
We conduct regular meetups and workshop from Agile Practitioners to companies, colleges and community.
Scrum Certification Program
We have conducted many Scrum Certification Program in Nepal which has largely benefited in expanding agile learning in Nepal. We regularly conduct Scrum Certfication programs.
We provide trainings on Agile and Scrum practices for the one who want to expand their understanding in Agile.
Agile Mentorship/Coaching
We conduct mentoring and consulting programs for the organisation that are willing to transform fully to Agile organisation. Our team will also be involved in few daily standups, scrum planning and other important scrum ceremonies.

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