Ajay Kabra

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Ajay is Senior Director – Agile Transformation Coach and a Global Business Excellence Head at Xebia over 33+ years of extensive experience in Agile Scrum, project delivery, project / programme management & quality processes. He has been involved in driving and implementing and transformations of organizations using Agile and Quality and Process Improvement initiatives.

Ajay is responsible for the conducting Agile workshops based on Scrum, SAFe and Kanban along with PMP, Risk Management and General Change management elements

Ajay is accountable for global growth of Agile business of Xebia, excluding Netherlands and France, Ajay takes into account the strategy development, growth, developing and building competency, cross / up selling.

Providing high end consulting and training for implementation of Agile Practices (SCRUM, XP, SAFe and Lean, along with DevOps), Project & Programme management (PMP, PRINCE2, MSP)

Leads in development of new IP/ Product development, client relationship management and business development

Ajay is a regular speaker at various industry forums and an invited speaker to various organization to speak and express his views on the current trends and happenings in the industry.

Ajay is a regular blogger and blogs on off-topics related to Agile (though the focus in not Agile), but always on the softer side of Agile. His blogs are published at Scrum Alliance websites

Proven ability to present solution strategy and service offerings to the clients; participate in technical discussion, bidding activities, responding to RFPs/ RFQs and developing project proposals

Managed programmes / trainings for various types of industry such as Embedded SW development, BFSI Sector, Support functions like HR, Trainings and others

Ajay participates in community service by providing free mentoring program, which runs for about 12 weeks with an effort input of about 60 Hrs, this helps the aspiring Scrum Masters and Product Owners to develop the skills required for the industry

Additional Ajay is accountable for the Business Excellence of Global Xebia and ensuring all the required processes are defined, agreed and implemented and his team performs regular internal audits.

Session Details

Is your Scrum Team Sustainable based on Personalities that have been hired?

Have we wondered why there are challenges and conflicts in our teams, or between two individuals, sometimes a few of us get well along with others and with some folks, we have a challenge in our conversation?

Did we ever have a feeling that my management / Sr. leadership does not understand what I am proposing?

Why do we behave as we do? That question has preoccupied philosophers, psychologists, and researchers for years. It happens when many workers think and act only from their own perspective and without an awareness and appreciation of individual differences among them.

Hiring done in majority of the organization is based on skills that are required for the Job or the task to be done And firing of people from our systems is based on their attitude

Can we do it the other way around, Hire for attitude and personality and then train the candidate for the required skills? Attitude you cannot teach, Personalities you cannot change

People do best what comes naturally to them Understand more what drives the human behavior Understand how these behavior impacts your work environment / team and relationship in the team

Identify your own:

Personal Preferences How do you put these personal preferences to work? Will you be able to work with the candidate? How can you have more impact in your workplace interactions?