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Agile as Culture for Successful Digital Transformation

This presentation talks about Agile Culture and its importance for a successful Digital Transformation. Every organization at present wants to become Agile and achieve Digital Transformation, for better business value, faster ROI, less cost and more productivity.  

This paper shall talk on the following topics:

  • 4 Agile Values and 12 Agile Principles
  • Details as stated in the Agile Values and Principles

Why go for Agile?
A detail on the report shared by Scrum Alliance on a survey done for Scrum of Scrum Report (SoSR) 2018, talking about the benefits of adapting agile methodologies.

What is Agile Culture?
Talking a little bit about Doing Agile Vs Being Agile and how they are different and interrelated to each other.

Why Culture Matters?
The assumptions and beliefs of employees drive behavior, which determines the result, which can be a measure to check if the strategic objective of the organization has been achieved or not.

Our Focus

  • Is it more Strategic, Tactical or Cultural
  • Sahota’s Cultural Model
  • A cultural model depicted by Michael Sahota, on organization structure and behaviour, where structure is just a base for achieving organization purpose.

Teal Organization
Different types of organization (Red, Amber, Orange, Green & Teal) and how to achieve a Teal organization structure.

Which tool fits your organization?
An assessment of tool which best fits your organization as per your organization type.

Schneider Model of Culture
Which environmental culture does your organization perform: Control, Collaborative, Competitive,  Cultivate. How we do things in each of these environment to succeed.

A Holistic Transformation Approach
The important quadrants for a holistic transformation approach: Mindset, Practices and Roles, Environment and Culture.

The Biggest Challenge to Business Agility
Embracing complexity with Cultural Transformation, User Engagement, Performance and Return on Action.

Successful Digital Transformation
Pillars of successful digital transformation: Goals, Business Model Implications, Leadership Commitment, Cross functional Coalition, Strategic Funding, Inspiring Workforce

Business Agility Influences
Consumers are changing, Business Model is changing, World is Changing

How machine learning is disrupting professional services
How professional services like accounting, auditing, legal, call center are being automated, and how automation is taking up their jobs.

  • Data plays a key role
  • How data plays a key role on digital transformation with
  • Building the digital Customer Insight (360 degree view of customers)
  • Data Analytics and Big Data Platform
Speakers Profile

Abhigya Pokharel

Speakers Profile

CSM®, CAL1, CSP®, SAFe®4 Agilist, PRINCE2 Practitioner, ITIL Foundation, Project Manager at Ncell, Axiata

Giving Back to the Community

We believe that we have lot to learn and it is only possible when we have strong community of Agile practitioners. As a part of giving back to the community, we have following programs.
We conduct regular meetups and workshop from Agile Practitioners to companies, colleges and community.
Scrum Certification Program
We have conducted many Scrum Certification Program in Nepal which has largely benefited in expanding agile learning in Nepal. We regularly conduct Scrum Certfication programs.
We provide trainings on Agile and Scrum practices for the one who want to expand their understanding in Agile.
Agile Mentorship/Coaching
We conduct mentoring and consulting programs for the organisation that are willing to transform fully to Agile organisation. Our team will also be involved in few daily standups, scrum planning and other important scrum ceremonies.

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