Shape up your Agility

The way a development team operates has a huge impact on what it achieves. The methodologies used, practices, cross-functionality within the team, and communication styles, all have a definite impact on building the foundations of the team and the successful execution of a project. From estimations, resource management, managing project costs, keeping track of tickets on different boards, encouraging faster and smoother communication, adapting to change requests and everything else that it entails, every development team struggles to keep everything on track. And to be honest, no methodology seems to fit right and at times, we are left to wonder, do these methods actually make an impact? You find yourself busy with making estimations that don’t match, reports that are far different from the forecast, you see your team moving tickets without a proper understanding of the end goal of the product, and trying to keep a clear line of communication within the team and with the client. Have you been frantically searching for a method that collects the pros from different methodologies and empowers the team to execute a project faster and better without losing sight of the business aspect of the product? Join and discover.