Service of the Executive Coach

Ever thought about what separates an Enterprise Coach from an Executive Coach? What makes you stand out as a trusted advisor to your senior leadership team? If you want to learn how to distinguish yourself from your peers, and how you can stand out from the crowd, then this talk is not to be missed.


The onset of the pandemic has led to trepidations in executive decision making in the last two years. Forced to operate in a deeply unfamiliar environment with exponential uncertainty (in some cases pertaining to mortality), the executive leadership role has become an immensely stressful one. Catapulted from complexity to chaos, companies today are in testing times even for those familiar with enterprise agility. And the Executive Coach’s duty therefore matters now more than it ever has been.

Agile coaches who are unfamiliar with operating at the enterprise level often assume that with a combination of good coaching, facilitation, mentoring and training skills, we can help organisations adopt Agile ways-of-work and thereby guide them in their Agile transformation. In reality, simply posessing good process and content skills is not enough. In this session, I will share my personal experience coaching senior leadership teams and how executive coaching differs from coaching teams, individual contributors and managers. You will learn how to stand out and step up to become an Executive Coach and trusted advisor to your senior leadership team. You will also learn how to help design learning interventions for your organisation.