Level Up the Happiness of Agile Teams

Want happier agile teams? Among other things, it takes great leadership. And proven strategies can provide a real edge! Enter Bruce Tuckman’s phases of team development — a model that’s stood the test of time because it remains highly relevant and beneficial. If you are an agile leader (or aspire to be one), a member of an agile team (or may be in one in the future), or are just looking to develop your skills, this talk (based on Bruce Tuckman’s model, but with a fresh angle: 0% theory, 100% real-world-based) will give you a practical framework with actionable tips for working in and leading agile teams successfully.

You’ll learn about the five phases — Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning — including detailed descriptions of each along with proven strategies for addressing challenges or issues which may occur along the way. You’ll understand how to use the model to your advantage by effectively navigating all of the phases with speed and agility, from set-up to the after-party. Which helps advance the teams’ happiness, productivity, and success!

The presentation draws on the speaker’s first-hand, real-world experience, with guidance supported by research, recommendations, and coverage from Scrum Alliance, Google, DevOps Institute, Software Engineering Institute, IEEE, MIT, NASA, Microsoft, Project Management Institute, GitLab, Harvard Business Review, and many others.