Emotional Intelligence and its Importance in Agile 

Day in and Day out we are dealing with human emotions in this ever-changing environment. Why not we understand how we can better deal with it? Agile culture focuses on having better communication, collaboration, and cooperation to create an empowered team. Furthermore, if we look at the 5 values of scrum: Courage, Focus, Commitment, Respect, and Openness. Can we now see why emotional intelligence is crucial?

If we observe closely, we can realize that we are driven by various emotions daily on both personal and professional levels. It can drive us in various directions; anger, motivation, energize, demotivate, derail, focus, compassion, and so on. Self-awareness, self-motivated, and self-leadership can help us understand ourselves and others better and ultimately help us achieve more. If you would join the talk, you would come to know more in detail about why emotional intelligence is important and relevant in agile.