Build Self-organizing team through Agile mindset and developing own Team Charter

Building by own team charter can help us to transforming to Agility and build self-organizing team.Self-organized Team need to built with transparency.Collaborating with individuals and team is the only way to build the team.Inspect and adapt can help us to understand the team velocity.

  1. Introduce the topics and purpose of the workshop: (2 to 3 minutes)
  2. Start the session by building 3-5 members team from audience:(5 to 7 minutes) 2.1. Team build by based on their common factors. 2.2. Define team members roles. 2.3 Let team to decide to set any project/activity to understanding team work.
  3. Share the natural process of team building steps ( Tuckman’s theory):(3 minutes)
  4. Share the brief idea of a team charter: (2 minutes)
  5. Let team to build their own team charter:(5 minutes)
  6. Give a team activity from their own projects (8 to 10 minutes activity)
  7. After the team activity we will try to understand the problems we are facing.
  8. Give a task to individuals to write their own problems during team activity: (5 to 7 minutes) 8.1. Share the experiences to understand the context of their own working environment. 8.2 To write their own problems common instructions will be shared to the audience. 8.3. What initiatives can be taken by a servant leader with an individual will be shared.
  9. Give a task to team lead to merge the problems: (5 to 7 minutes) 9.1. What are the findings by individual and team member would be shared. 9.2. Share the idea, how to engage team member to be part of the transformation. 9.3. What new ideas could fit into the daily practice?
  10. Review the team charter and build the self-organizing team charter: (7 minutes) 10.1. Let team to do retrospective of team charter 10.2. Inspect and adapt the best practices, rebuild their own team charter. 10.3. Discus how Agile manifesto/principles can include into the team charter.
  11. QA session: (9 minutes)