Agile Nepal is an Open Agile Community that provides an opportunity to Agile coaches, practitioners, followers, enthusiasts, and learners who would like to connect, discuss, learn and share their own experiences adopting or implementing Agile in their organizations.

We organise meetups, workshops & trainings, brainstorming sessions, conferences and open spaces to further enrich the collaboration between organizations, professionals & learners.

Our Story

We started as a “Scrum in Nepal” back in 2011 when first community based Certified Scrum Master training was conducted by James O’ Coplien at Grand Hotel, Soalteemod, Kathmandu. James voluntarily supported Nepal community to grow and his selflessness contribution to became a first igniting point for us to start this User Group in Nepal. “Scrum in Nepal” was then registered to Scrum Alliance User Group.

At beginning there were very few activities done. We were not quite sure what and how to do scrum/agile events. There were very few certified people and practitioners back then. But slowly industry started adopting various form of Agile Development practices in Kathmandu, Nepal. We came up with few events/meetups but that wasn’t enough to make us visible.

Year 2016, Madhur Kathuria, did another volunteer service to run another community based Certified Scrum Master training. We could make 76 people a CSM on that day. This largely impacted community and industry in the Kathmandu. There were many other enthusiasts and thought leaders joined or backed us to promote these user group activities.

Later we changed our name from Scrum in Nepal to Agile Nepal – to give more broader perspective to our mission/vision. It wasn’t just a change in name but to serve larger community of Agile Practice and Engineering Discipline.

Today, with the support of community we have been able to organise regular meetups, take part in International Conferences and also host International Agile Conferences in Nepal.